Ep 81: How to Crush the Current Business Trends w. Capt Ryan Van Fleet

Dive deep into the sea of change with our latest joint podcast (puns intended), where we explore the dynamic intersection of business trends in sportfishing and personal development.

Whether you’re into fishing or not, this podcast has a lot of great conversation packed with insights and strategies to keep you moving forward, no matter the currents.

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Connect with Captain Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching.

Melinda Van Fleet is an Intuitive Energetic Business and Leadership Mentor/Coach/Consultant who helps her clients with what they can’t see, so they can experience results fast.

Melinda and her husband, Capt. Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching), moved to The FL Keys in 2009 after they were both laid off at the same time.

Melinda, 53 years old and on her 3.5 life, has an unparalleled story of dreaming big, manifestation, and a lot of hard work.

In addition to her coaching business, and being The Wizard Behind the Curtain for Good Karma Sportfishing & Coaching, she is an energy practitioner, Human Design coach, professional speaker, host of The Success Codes Podcast, freelance writer, 2x best-selling author.