The Wake-Up Call Podcast Intro- Ep 1

Have you ever had that nudge that something wasn’t right?

  • ·         That gut feeling?
  • ·         A voice in your head that pops up from time to time?
  • ·         Maybe crippling painstaking anxiety that just won’t stop?

Truth be told, that feeling, or voice may be trying to help you out of a horrible situation such as a toxic relationship, passive aggressive work environment, FOMO manipulative marketing tactics, or even a cult.

We are also going to be covering stories about AI, The Matrix, and other stories you just need a wake call in terms of what’s reality.

And for those of you who have already experienced a wakeup call (or two or three), and finally listened to your intuition or another voice of reason, you may have had moments of disbelief, embarrassment, or shame. I raise my hand high.

Please note, these situations can happen to anyone, and this podcast is to enlighten and empower how to recognize, trust, and take action so you can free yourself from these situations.

This is your Wake-Up Call. Enjoy the podcast! Thanks for listening!