Ep 7: Navigating Criticism, Building Confidence, and Communication Skills for Personal Growth w/ Expert Speaker, Author, and Coach Kalyani Pardeshi

In this episode of The Wake- Up Call Podcast, my special guest KalyanI Pardeshi and I dive deep into the challenging and often painful experiences of criticism, energy vampires, guilt and more. 

My guest shares her personal stories of overcoming her childhood as well as adult situations shedding light on the tools and strategies she employs to build their confidence amidst negativity. 

We explore the transformative power of using various communication tools for energy shifts and boundaries rather than being stuck or avoiding.

Join us for an authentic, heartfelt conversation that offers hope, healing, and practical advice for anyone navigating these difficult waters.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

Kalyani is a TEDx speaker, the only certified Flowcess trainer in Canada and a multiple award winning author. She teaches people how to stop bullying themselves by discovering their Uniqueness and mastering their thought processes.

Kalyani has collaborated with the Calgary Military Family Resource Centre to conduct her comprehensive six-week self-bullying intervention course. She has delivered informative presentations for parents and teens, focusing on the topic of self-bullying and presented a compelling talk on Uniqueness to Excuses to Connect which centered around the exploration of one’s individuality, uncovering their Intangible Drivers, and overcoming obstacles to embrace one’s authentic self. She has also presented a thought-provoking talk to the Inclusive Leadership in a Virtual World on Unraveling the Illusion of Motivation: The Dark Side of Inspirational Quotes exploring unseen self-bullying behaviours from seemingly positive messages. She was invited to speak at TEDxCalgary tackling the topic of navigating the fine line between self-motivation and self-bullying.

Are You Your Own Worst Bully? Unveiling the Masks | Kalyani Pardeshi | TEDxCalgary – YouTube

All Social media links: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalyani.pardeshi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kalyani-pardeshi/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalyanispeaks049/

Website: www.kalyanispeaks.com

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