Ep 9: Wake-Up Call in Your Life- Stop Ignoring This!

Have you ever found yourself ignoring a little voice in your head and you override it thinking:

  • You should be doing something,
  • Continuing something 


  • Maybe it’s a relationship that needs to end?

Then if you stopped and gave it some serious consideration in conjunction with your goals and where you are headed in your life (and business)…

Maybe it’s just not in alignment anymore?

It doesn’t have to be something “negative” or after something “bad” has happened…

It’s just not a fit?

Well, don’t ignore it anymore! This week’s episode of The Wake Up Call Podcast shares a recent example of mine, again it’s nothing negative, just not a fit for my life direction with my husband anymore so it has to stop.

Where do you see this fitting in for your life direction?

Thank you for listening and sharing.