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About Coaching

Simplify to maximize!

Through my content, I shares stories, tips, and tools on various challenges we all have from time to time.

The key is, the ability to move through these challenges and transform.

That’s The Magic!

And, don’t feel bad, sometimes we all need a little help.

So, here is a list of some of the things I can help you with!
Think it it as a menu without the calories.

*Primary! Build your confidence and a winning mindset through Southwestern Coaching and Consulting:

—Sales Vision and Success- Including Referrals, Closing, etc.

—Goal Setting, Time Management, Overwhelm

—Leadership, Team Challenges, Recruiting

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Additional Coaching:

—Small Business Setup and Momentum- especially retail
—Social Media and Content Creation
—Writing- Book and/or Blog
—Self-Publishing (Without a 3rd Party/Hybrid)
—SEO/Website Tips/Strategy
—Public Speaking and Video Strategy
—Weight Release/Appearance
—Spiritual Growth/Intuition/Meditation

—Also! Entrepreneurship for Young Adults

PS- I always infuse and embody Confidence and Mindset tips.

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