“Someday when we get our shit together, we will help others!”
—Melinda Van Fleet

Why have I said this since 2009? Here’s the story….

Ryan and I were both laid off in 2009.  Yep the same time.  6 months apart.  We both had very good paying corporate jobs. I remember watching an episode of Oprah and she had a couple on talking about how they were both were laid off and I thought to myself “That will be us” I just knew it in my gut and it happened.  January and then June.

Even though we knew it was a good thing and somehow it would all work out, it was often extremely scary. Some days I didn’t know how we would pay the rent. But we kept going.

We had manifested moving to FL or “somewhere where it never snowed”.  Ryan wanted to be a charter boat captain and I wanted to get into sales and be “pay for performance”.

We used to lie on the bed listening to the wave tones on the sound machine and talk about “When we move to FL”. It was a way to deal with serious depression and have some hope. I honestly didn’t think about it as manifesting.  I wasn’t into listening to all the speakers and authors there are out there.

I knew a little bit but not much.  I had watched The Secret DVD once, watched Joel Osteen on TV and read Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein but that’s about it…very beginner and not obsessed

So the fact that I wouldn’t buy us any new clothes starting in 2008 for the winter time b/c “We won’t be able to wear that when we move to Florida” was pretty far out there to us.   Our coats literally had holes in the arm pits the winter of 2009- no joke.  So in Sept of 2009 we packed up what remained of what we didn’t sell or donate and moved to Florida from snowy cold Minneapolis. MN.  Not knowing a soul, never been to The Florida Keys, very little money and no jobs.

When we got to The Florida Keys and started on our journey…I kept saying someday I want us to be able to help others.  Because if we can do it- anyone can figure it out and do it. Ryan now has his own charter business- Good Karma Sportfishing— which we expanded into coaching in 2020. And I became an independent sales rep averaging $2.5M in sales a year. In 2018, I got certified as a Life & Business Coach; then I “burned” the final sales boat in August of 2021.

We are not alone- other people have hardships as well as hopes and dreams.  And in our experience with vision, some faith and a lot of grit you can make it happen too.

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“Anytime you’re fishing it’s all good!”

—Captain Ryan

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Melinda Van Fleet Bio— The Basics

Melinda Van Fleet is an Intuitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor, International bestselling Author/Writer, Speaker, and Podcast Host who works with people who desire to develop the confidence to believe in themselves, take action, and get results.

Utilizing her 25+ years of experience building businesses (corporate America, independent sales rep, and entrepreneur), and her passion for working with people, Melinda teaches real life tools they can use to stop the daily struggle, build their confidence, increase productivity, and achieve the success they desire.

In 2018, she decided to get certified as Life & Business Coach through WCI (World Coach Institute) and since then has added in Human Design coaching and also certified and attuned in Ahai 7D Energy. Two powerful next level modalities that in addition to her vast experience and intuitive gifts, add in more insight as to how you can live your best life too!

Melinda Van Fleet is now a sought-after top life and business coach in South Florida, Miami, Coral Gables and The Florida Keys.

Melinda and her husband, Ryan Van Fleet, moved to The Florida Keys after they were both laid off at the same time in 2009. She had manifested a husband “with a hobby,” never thinking that Ryan’s obsession with fishing was something they could turn into an extremely successful fishing and coaching brand, Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching, in 2012. Melinda is “The wizard behind the curtain” and a true testament to having a vision and hard work coming together! She truly believes that “If she can do it, you can do it too!”

Melinda’s first book, Confidence Mastery for Couples- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship, released in March 2021 and her 2nd book Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey, released July 2021. Both books available on Amazon in Paperback, eBook, and Audible.

Her weekly podcast is- The Success Codes Podcast. She also host weekly videos on her YouTube channel.

Her signature Beyond Basic program based on her success and research in the 3D and beyond is called Energetic Alchemy.