Ahai 7D Energy

Energy Sessions

Ahai 7D Energy is a powerful energy from the 7th Dimension; the dimension of Angels. 

It is stronger and faster (works quicker) than Reiki and other energy modalities. 

Working with me is more than just working with a healer or someone who is using an energy machine. I am an intuitive psychic channel and a conduit for Ahai 7D Energy.

“Ahai 7D Energy is like throwing lighter fluid 

on your goals and dreams. ”  —Melinda Van Fleet

Ahai 7D Energy was downloaded to psychic channel Christina Rice in 2020. I am a certified and attuned energy practitioner (aka energy healer) through her Ahai 7D Energy program.

Click here to check out Christina Rice’s website to learn even more.

I LOVE Ahai 7D Energy and attribute it to transformation happening faster not only for me and my husband Ryan but also my clients.

I’s truly been an incredible experience so far and my knowledge and strength grows every day. I am so grateful for this powerful energy from The Divine. 

The process is easy and relaxing. I am the conduit for the energy and after sharing your intentions (two) with me, 

you relax and chill out for 20 minutes.

Our Ahai 7D Energy session can be in-person in Key Largo, FL (which is hands-off) or over Zoom.

I can work privately one on one or with small groups.

I can also work as a general practitioner for the energy and not as a psychic channel. Your choice.

What comes through from your higher-self, and any session with me in general, I hold in highest confidentiality.

And you will continue to see results after our session. Your intuition will also naturally increase in this process.

These sessions can be a 1:1 one hour session or incorporated into a private mentoring program.

*For best results, you should have an Ahai 7D Energy Session at least once a month. 

Results vary from person to person, and I am not a medical professional.

Examples of Intentions: New Relationships, Better Sleep, Less Overthinking, More Money, 

New Job, Experiences, Less Anxiety, Better Health, Pain Release, Clearing Energy from Life/People, Increased Intuition…