What is Human Design
and How Can it Help Me?

In simple terms, Human Design is a spiritually
based personal development assessment system...

Human Design is a system based on a combination of:

  • Kabbalah
  • I Ching
  • Astrology
  • The Chakras
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Genetics
  • Astronomy
  • Biochemistry


In 1987, Human Design was  downloaded by The Universe to a man named Ra Uru Hu. Ra passed away in 2011, however he had the opportunity to share this system with other teachers who still share and teach.

“The Human Design System is not a belief system. It does not require that you believe in anything. It is neither stories nor philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being, a mapping of your genetic code…Human Design opens the door to the potential of self-love, a love of life and the love of others through understanding.”

—Ra Uru Hu 

The Best Way to Learn and Embody Diversity is with Human Design

Pulling your chart is easy and free! Also, finding basic information on line such as YouTube or podcasts is also easy and free.

Pull your chart here.

However, most people don’t know how to learn about Human Design past the basic info about your type and profile.

And the majority certainly don’t apply or embody Human Design in their daily lives.

Hence, why working with a Human Design Coach who has been studying and applying Human Design into their lives, and also very adept at readings, is crucial to not only understanding Human Design, but also taking advantage of how to can transform your way of being in this lifetime.

What are a few examples of things you may learn about yourself and/or others?

  • Why do you react a certain way?
  • Why do you think the way you think?
  • How can you best achieve peace and joy?
  • What is the best way for you to operate to manifest your desires?

How Can We Work Together Using Human Design?

Human Design is included in any of the private 1:1 coaching/mentoring packages- 3/6/12 months. A personal reading, as well as circling back to your body graph on a regular basis as we work together, helps you embody your unique and perfect design for maximum evolution.

Please message or email me for the application. 

My sessions are next level- not just a reading.

It is a deeper-dive than just a reading and we cover a lot of ground in this jam-packed session and the goal is empowerment so you can really understand and embody.

—Understanding for Self

—Relationships for Joy

—Strategy for Success

—Embodiment for Peace and more

Teaching, reading, discussion, strategy.

Zoom/recorded. Two follow up emails or Voxer for clarity questions.

Click here to sign up and schedule

Group or team workshops using Human Design are a fantastic way for each member to learn about themselves and others and how the two can work in conjunction. It’s a win win for all parties and results in a new lens and appreciation for each other that transcends the workshop itself.

I would create a custom program based on a conversation with the team leader so please contact me to set up that call.

Human Design readings for couples are a relationship game changer on many levels. You would both get an individual reading and then I would draw correlations which you can embody on a daily basis to achieve more love and peace.

This would be a buy one get one for 50% offer as it’s the same call but two readings. Time will likely be 1 1/2 hour long. Message or email me for a link.

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