Have you ever thought there was something you would never do? Check out this story!

Kate Erickson (EOFire, Podcasters Paradise) shares her epic adventure and learnings from her recent trip to Fiji as she and John Lee Dumas (JLD) won the affiliate challenge for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s Knowledge Business Blueprint Course.

As part of the trip and the group mastermind, she climbed a 55-foot-tall pole and shares her 3 amazing lessons on The Good Karma Success Coach podcast.

Kate’s Take Away #1- Not doing it wasn’t an option.

How this applies to sales- This one was simple and straight up. Have the mindset that you will make your sales goals.

Kate’s Take Away #2- The power of proper support in all areas of your life.

How this applies to sales- When you have great leadership that is always supportive, communicates and offers training when needed, this changes your business. I learned to recognize a long time ago when management doesn’t have your back. Its unfortunate but it’s real.

Appreciate a great manager! They can really contribute to maximizing and growing your business.

When you have to deal with culture challenges and passive aggressive behavior it doesn’t help anyone.

Kate’s Take Away #3- Envisioning the view as you climb to the top

How this applies to sales- When you can envision what it will be like when you build and maintain a steady pipeline of clients, your business continues to grow. Keep focused on the outcome. Sometimes it takes years to build a solid pipeline but time goes fast and it’s worth it!

Check out the full episode and let me know if have any additional thoughts.

Photo from Pexels