One on One Coaching/Consulting

Why work with Melinda?


Here is why (in a nutshell):

  • You are looking for guidance, clarity, advice, feedback and direct one on one. This style vs a book or webinar is faster to the point and covers ideas/tips you may not have thought of. Melinda is able to communicate back to you to really help you and guide you.
  • You are looking for accountability. Often you can read a book, listen to audio or watch a webinar and then you move on- you forget it. You don’t practice and most folks don’t even do it to begin with. You don’t have someone on the other side asking the hard questions that make you think and have an A-Ha Moment and really change.
  • Melinda understands and can empathize often with her own stories and experience. She can really help guide you towards a solution.
  • She is a certified life coach with WCI (World Coach Institute January 2019).
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Melinda was authentic & relatable! She made me feel comfortable and inspired me to share more of my true self with the world!

~Carly P.


Timing is everything! Melinda and I connected just when I needed it. After losing my job, she helped me refocus, reenergize and get my priorities back on track. She listened to me, she asked hard questions, and challenged me when I needed to be challenged. She helped me discover myself and live life with clarity, focus and purpose.

~Lisa N.