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What Are You Waiting For?

We all need sales! But so many of you entrepreneurs and life coaches are stuck…

What I see out there is maybe you…

  • Are in denial that you need help to gain momentum and make money.
  • Have hired coaches that didn’t listen, don’t share strategy, are in the old paradigm, or you have taken courses that were elusive or flat out didn’t work. Wasting precious time, money, and energy.
  • Are desperately desire to change and need direction.
  • Are not taking action in your business and your life.
  • Have sad or tired energy in person or online.

Here’s the thing… I’ve done the work and developed my own coaching processes to move beyond the basics and work with business women who desire to be successful on and off line.

Let’s Strategize How to Increase Your Sales and Go From Stuck to Success!

Let’s Get Started Now!

Keynote and Professional Speaker

Team Strategic Work

One on One Coaching | Consulting

Who Am I? And How Can I Help You?

I am a Sales Strategy & Success Coach aka Life Coach for Business Women who are ready to make money and feel good!

​I’ve been referred to as positive, high-energy, and also someone who takes puts together a strategy and takes action.

I use my vast business and life skills, combined with mindset, energetics, intuition, and Human Design to get fast, tangible results.

I am also a certified life coach through WCI (World Coach Institute January, 2019).

Why do I coach, speak, and write? Because I have worked through so much (I am a 3/5 Profile), it’s my calling to put it to use.

Further, I listen and understand your pain and frustration.

I realized, years ago, it’s my design to use those lessons to help other women achieve their goals and dreams faster.

I help women own their power, step into their true selves, and rock this world!

I am beyond excited to hear from you!

Confidence Building

Coaching Programs Below:

Supercharge YOUR Transformation 3 Part Course

Own Your Personal Power & Success NOW!

Think about it…what is holding you back? Or maybe you don’t know…

It’s okay if you are either of the above…but, let’s change that fast!

Get Inside My Brain and Let Me Help You!

  • 3 Part Module Series PLUS Mindset Shift Exercises.
  • Cut the fluff, time saving, REAL LIFE, proven tips!

So you can improve your confidence, relationships, AND business today!

Medium Excellerant Program

How to Succeed on Medium.com Fast

Have you ever thought about blogging? Whether it’s creating your own blog or using a well-established platform?

Well, Medium.com is one of the biggest and most popular platforms for blogging.

And blogging is not only fun, creates relationships, but also increases your reach and ability to serve others.

This course is designed to share tips and strategies not easily found and rarely talked about in one place!

Saves you time and allows you to excel fast!

New Book Release!

Confidence Mastery for Couples – Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship

Confidence Mastery for Couples – Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship

Confidence Mastery for Couples- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship
Paperback, eBook, Audible available now on Amazon.

On the brink of financial and personal disaster, a newly wedded duo dares to risk it all and start over to build the future of their dreams.

Melinda Van Fleet knew her husband fantasized about living in a warmer climate and being a sportfishing captain. And when the pair both lost their jobs in Minneapolis, MN, the pressure weighed heavily on their lives… and marriage. So, with nothing left to lose, they packed up and moved to The Florida Keys to start over and get back on their feet.

Moving to The Keys, put their relationship through a grueling test. But through great effort, they found strength in each other and were able to develop a successful sportfishing business together- Good Karma Sportfishing.

In this inspiring opening confidence series account, author Melinda Van Fleet narrates how tenacity, drive, and perseverance guided her and her spouse to true happiness. She’s here now to share their story and hard-earned wisdom to inspire you to take a chance and create the future you truly desire. With anecdotal stories and exercises, Melinda illustrates how you too can prevail in partnerships, business, love, and finances.

read more

Crush It In Sales Podcast

2022 is here! If you are an entrepreneur, you likely desire to grow your business, or maybe, you are starting your business.

But, we all have something in common—we need sales! Hence, why I am bringing back the Crush It In Sales Podcast.

This podcast shares tips, tools, strategies, and stories to help you make sales and feel good in the process.

Mindset AND Tactical.

Let’s get ready to crush it!

Ep 128: When Pigs Fly- Limiting Beliefs in Your Business?

Have you ever heard the saying, "When pigs fly?" or see one of those statues of a pig with wings? If so, did you stop to realize the saying is a limiting belief? This Crush It In Sales podcast episode explores the concept of limiting beliefs and shares five positive...

Ep 127: Best Tips To Record and Self-Publish Your Audio Book

In celebration of the one year anniversary of Confidence Mastery for Couples (CMFC)- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship, I gave some thought to three tips on recording an audio book. Both CMFC and Life & Love Lessons- How To Discover Confidence Through Your...

Ep 126: Best Success Secrets w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Releasing this episode a few days early... This month's joint podcast w/ my husband, Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing, is on the Crush It In Sales Podcast. We chat about success secrets and how to create momentum. Thank you for listening and sharing! _______...

Ep 125: Walking the Walk! 3 Social Media Success Tips

Walking my walk on repurposing and doing what feels good...and sharing three tips for success on social media! ____ Do you feel overwhelmed or like you are not making an impact on social media? You are on a hamster wheel of content creation or maybe you have fear...

Ep 124: Top 3 Sales Tips For Anyone

It's crucial to get grounded in the basics of sales now and again to build momentum for success! In this Crush It In Sales Podcast, I share 3 tips and then a bonus nugget to help you achieve success. Thank you for listening and sharing! ______ Melinda Van Fleet is a...

Ep 123: How To Move Past Social Comparison- Tips

Such an important topic for our business/sales success! Nipping social comparison in the bud! It's a module in Supercharge Your Transformation which is on the homepage of my website. It's an evergreen course. But for this Crush It In Sales Podcast, I share two fresh...

Ep 122: How To Create A Successful Business

Do you ever think about what it takes to create a successful business? You may be over thinking the basics. This Crush It In Sales Podcast episode dives into the basics of structuring your day—what needs to be edited and what needs to be layered in. And then doing the...

Ep 121 Social Media- Audience, Friends, Collaborators, Clients- Tips

Social Media Tips Podcast about your audience, friends, collaborators and clients.

Do you ever think about who you are connecting with online and who you are serving? And then think about it in conjunction and how you are spending your time and energy?

Check out this Crush It IN Sales Podcast Episode as it dives deeper into what I mentioned in The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 177 and Transformational Tip on YouTube.



Ep 120: 3 Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Oh! The lessons we learn from our mistakes as a business entrepreneur. I always feel bad when someone else makes the same mistakes. Mistakes can not only cost us money but also time. So, in this Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode, I am sharing three mistakes that are...

Ep 119: 3 Tips to Eliminate Distractions and Skyrocket Your Business

Do you wish to sharpen a skillset or your habit and stop letting distractions derail you? Do you have a lack of focus? Too many shiny objects? Distractions? Time management an issue?

In this Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode, I share 3 tips to help you eliminate distractions and skyrocket your productivity and your business. These tips will help you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and anxiety too.

Also listen to the Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode 118 – How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed/Anxiety Tip https://melindavanfleet.com/ep-118-how-to-stop-feeling-overwhelmed-anxiety-tip/

Thank you for listening and sharing!