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Hello and Welcome!

Together we can achieve many levels of success through mindset, strategy, taking action, co-creating/embodying Universal Laws, Human Design, and building confidence along the way.

Believing in yourself, finding peace/happiness, and trusting that your energy can compound, transform, and elevate your success are all things we can work on together.

I will help you recognize the patterns that have kept you stuck, and use your intuition, so you can move forward in your life and business.



Confidence & Mindset

Live and Self-Paced Programs, Courses

Ready for Transformational 1:1 Private Coaching?

There are several options available:

3 Month, weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls and Voxer/Email Support (PIF or monthly payments)

3 Month, weekly 1:1 Voxer/Email Support and 1 monthly call (PIF or monthly payments)

One Private 1:1 Laser Zoom or Call with a support follow-up either by email or Voxer.

Click for links for 3 Month options—excited to work with you!

The 2-Day Experience

I am so excited to bring back my masterclasses!

Each month I will host a 2 Day Experience aka Masterclass | Workshops live via Zoom.

Day 1 will be the training and workshop piece and Day 2 is for Q & A.

Click for more details and to sign up. New topics each month!

Human Design will be infused each session.

Bundle packages available! With Audios, Masterclasses by month, or with the “Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind.


Supercharge YOUR Transformation 3 Part Course

Own Your Personal Power & Success NOW!

Think about it…what is holding you back? Or maybe you don’t know…

It’s okay if you are either of the above…but, let’s change that fast!

Get Inside My Brain and Let Me Help You!

  • 3 Part Module Series PLUS Mindset Shift Exercises.
  • Cut the fluff, time saving, REAL LIFE, proven tips!

So you can improve your confidence, relationships, AND business today!

New! Beyond Basic Audio

Ready to Evolve Faster?

These audios include next level, Beyond Basic, tips, tools and story shares.

Recordings so far:

  • Freedom (From Overthinking)
  • Success (5 Codes)
  • Believe (Key to Manifesting)
  • Release (The Overwhelm)

Also! Monthly membership available which includes the monthly 2 Day Experience Masterclass Workshops.

If you are in the “Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind– Audio and 2 Day Experiences are included.

Coming in October!

“Elevate” Beyond Basic Mastermind ($111 a month—3-month min. or $999 PIF for a year)

Each Month This Mastermind will:

—Host a monthly Live Group Coaching Call Q & A

—Include All 2 Day Experiences aka Masterclass | Workshops

—All Audios (during the duration, but lifetime access)

—Private Community

Click to sign up! Am so excited to walk with you!!!


Free Believe & Take Action Daily Guide​

Do you believe your actions can control your happiness?

These daily/weekly worksheets help you do just that!


Life & Love Lessons

Confidence Mastery for Couples – Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship

Confidence Mastery for Couples – Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship

Confidence Mastery for Couples- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship
Paperback, eBook, Audible available now on Amazon.

On the brink of financial and personal disaster, a newly wedded duo dares to risk it all and start over to build the future of their dreams.

Melinda Van Fleet knew her husband fantasized about living in a warmer climate and being a sportfishing captain. And when the pair both lost their jobs in Minneapolis, MN, the pressure weighed heavily on their lives… and marriage. So, with nothing left to lose, they packed up and moved to The Florida Keys to start over and get back on their feet.

Moving to The Keys, put their relationship through a grueling test. But through great effort, they found strength in each other and were able to develop a successful sportfishing business together- Good Karma Sportfishing.

In this inspiring opening confidence series account, author Melinda Van Fleet narrates how tenacity, drive, and perseverance guided her and her spouse to true happiness. She’s here now to share their story and hard-earned wisdom to inspire you to take a chance and create the future you truly desire. With anecdotal stories and exercises, Melinda illustrates how you too can prevail in partnerships, business, love, and finances.

read more

Crush It In Sales Podcast

2022 is here! If you are an entrepreneur, you likely desire to grow your business, or maybe, you are starting your business.

But, we all have something in common—we need sales! Hence, why I brought back the Crush It In Sales Podcast.

This podcast shares tips, tools, strategies, and stories to help you make sales and feel good in the process.

Mindset AND Tactical.

Let’s get ready to crush it!

Ep 146: Building Sales Confidence

How confident are you in your sales process? Do you worry that others may judge you and it keeps you small? This quick podcast starts to crack the nut in conjunction with a story share about my 2nd book Life & Love Lessons- How to Discover Confidence Through Your...

Ep 145: 4 Social Media Tips- Part 3

Part 3 shares four tips to help you on your journey....and yes, social media is a journey. Part 1 was Vision Part 2 was Intentions Thank you for listening and sharing! Connect further: FB, LI, TW or IG @melinda_vanfleet 1:1 coaching or other...

Ep 144: Social Media Intentions- Part 2

Part 2 of a series on Social Media. Last week was about Vision, this week it's about Intentions. Thank you for listening and sharing! Connect further FB, LI, TW or IG @melinda_vanfleet 1:1 coaching or other inquiries: melinda@melindavanfleet.com...

Ep 143: Social Media Vision Part 1

Social media continues to be an enormous topic- crucial to business success, and happiness! This podcast will be a Part 1 of X? As I have so many parts to cover. So this is the kick off- take from you want from it to embody and start to feel good about your social...

Ep 142: Are You Checking In On Your Goals?

Do you remember what goals you set in the beginning of the year? Or maybe you didn't set any goals? And these goals could be life, health business, sales, etc. Hum...I think that it's more common than not, so don't feel bad. This Crush It In Sales Podcast is about...

Ep 141: EVERYONE Needs A Coach

Yep- I said it EVERYONE needs a coach. In this episode I share two very important perspectives...are you brave enough to listen? Kudos if you are. Thank you for listening! Connect on FB, LI, TW or IG melinda_vanfleet 1:1 Coaching or workshop for your team? Click on...

Ep 140: Focus!!! Time Maximization

Part 3 in a three-part series on time management or better put time maximization. This week's Crush It In Sales Podcast topic is FOCUS! Are you focused on big projects on your list or do you get distracted and overwhelmed? Check out episodes 138 and 139 to embody the...

Ep 139: How to Manage Distractions

Another unsexy time management episode. Yep! But, if you work on this and make new practices habits- they can be successful! And that's kind of sexy right? Other podcast I mention is The Good Karma Success Coach Episode 197 w/ my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma...

Ep 138: Are You Complacent? Tips On How To Move Forward

Time Management or Time Maximization? What's a better mindset word to choose? These next few podcasts will dive into some time management challenges I am seeing and hearing about from clients and also people I am connecting with. It's been an eye opening experience so...

Ep 137: Importance of Understanding Relationships on Sales Calls

Podcast story share of a recent sales/networking call I made that didn't go as I had expected/hoped it would go. The other podcast I refer to with my husband Ryan Van Fleet is: https://melindavanfleet.com/ep-135-how-to-best-handle-expectations-and-relationships/ Thank...