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Crush It In Sales Podcast

Ep 119: 3 Tips to Eliminate Distractions and Skyrocket Your Business

Do you wish to sharpen a skillset or your habit and stop letting distractions derail you? Do you have a lack of focus? Too many shiny objects? Distractions? Time management an issue?

In this Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode, I share 3 tips to help you eliminate distractions and skyrocket your productivity and your business. These tips will help you eliminate feeling overwhelmed and anxiety too.

Also listen to the Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode 118 – How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed/Anxiety Tip https://melindavanfleet.com/ep-118-how-to-stop-feeling-overwhelmed-anxiety-tip/

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Ep 118: How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed/Anxiety Tip

Let’s face it, everyone struggles with feeling overwhelmed which can lead to anxiety at some point or another.

This Crush It In Sales Podcast Episode, helps by sharing a tool called The Bucket Tool. When you can minimize or alleviate your overwhelm by using a tool, you can feel better and less anxiety and stress. It’s an anxiety coping tool for adults.

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Ep 117: Best Tips for Success in the New Year!

Do you find yourself distracted or worrying about the details which then leads you to being stuck! It’s based on fear and in this podcast I share thoughts and tips to inspire and motivate you so you can move forward and get some momentum and sales in your business now!

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Ep 116: How To Find Your “Zone of Genius”

Do you know what a “zone of genius” means? Do you know yours? Do you embody it and infuse it into your business and life?

This Crush It In Sales Podcast episode explains more with examples in case you are wondering/curious about this trending online phrase.

Ep 115: Crucial Success Tip- Flexibility

Ever hear the saying, “Best Laid Plans?”

This Crush It In Sales Podcast episode shares business thoughts and examples around putting together a plan, but also allowing for flexibility. Sharing real-life examples from my corporate buying job and then both sales positions and how I shifted my energy and became successful.

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Melinda Van Fleet is a Sales Strategy & Success Coach | Consultant who helps businesswomen make sales and feel good. Life Coach for female entrepreneurs. Mindset and tactical tips for business and life success- Human Design, intuition, and confidence building.

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Ep 114: How To Practice Gratitude in Life AND Business

This Crush It In Sales Podcast episode goes hand in hand with Episode 113, but takes it to another level!

Use this podcast as a tool because it’s loaded with tips and transformational thought processes to help you get to the next level- ready for 2022!

Concepts covered:

Rewire the space to gratitude

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Ep 113: TRUTHS! Hits and Misses of 2021! Reflecting

Let’s face it- we all have hits AND misses in our lives and business.

Things we did or bought that we scratched our heads in hindsight and wish we could have a do-over.

This year marketing was a big one for me. I openly share those hindsights, not only to share what lessons I took away and how it made me stronger, but also so you know you are not alone with yours misses. How have they helped you grow?

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Ep 112: Imposter Syndrome? Overused or Accurate?

Releasing this now as I share more about the upcoming 6 Week Group Program—Beyond Basic Sales Strategy & Success, which I am super excited about! Kicks off 11/30/21.

In this podcast, I share experiences and thoughts about being in the energy and what lights you up from a more tactical “doing” experience.

In this weeks Good Karma Success Coach Podcast, I share more from a mindset perspective.

So, definitely listen to both as it’s two different points of view that you can blend together.

Please share!

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Ep 111: Sales Energetics and WELCOME BACK!!!

Welcome Back— Crush It In Sales Podcast!!

It’s been a minute and this podcast episode shares the journey back to home. I talk about Human Design, energetics, letting go, and feeling good with decisions- sales, life, business.

Thank you for listening!

Ep 110: New Wisdom App, Energy, and Social Media

Moved fast on this podcast- so you have your seatbelt on!

Sharing about:

The new Wisdom app vs. Clubhouse
Social Media and energy
Walking the walk on social media and coaching

Thanks for listening!