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Confident Conversations Podcast

Episode 60: Do You Have A Confidence Manifesto?

Heading into 2021- have you ever taken a few minutes to write out a Confidence Manifesto?

Check out this episode for some ideas and my example to help you crush it in 2021!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Monday Mojo Inspiration:

Episode 59: NLP, 4 Habits of Navy Seals and Tony Robbins Event

In this week’s episode I reference a great book I am reading- NLP The Essential Guide. Authors- Tom Hoobyar, Tom Dotz and Susan Sanders.

Sharing my Tony Robins event story, the courses I wish I hadn’t bought back in 2018, and how it relates to NLP.

Also 4 Habits that we all can practice that have attributed to success in the Navy Seal Program.

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 58: Do You Have Confidence Goals?

As we are quickly heading into 2021- 

What are you saying to yourself?

This podcast is about setting confidence goals. 

Noticing what your thoughts and self-talk as you are setting your goals for 2021.

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Episode 57: Are You An Action Taker? Discover Your Blocks

What kind of action taker are you?

Sharing a clip that was from the Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 100- conversation with Spiritual Life & Business Coach Joanna Hunter.

Joanna is the creator of My Million Dollar Experiment which starts January 1, 2021.  It’s a global manifestation experiment that sounds very fun.  I took action right away when I heard about it.

The interesting piece (which is the clip) is that she has found there are five categories of people- and action taker is only one.

What are the other four?

What are you?  And what are your blocks in becoming an action taker?

My affiliate link below to learn more about the experiment and signup.  $25 is amazing for a years worth of manifesting guidance, millionaire interviews, and more!  And you can be an affiliate too!


If you are ready to move through your blocks and take action- contact me for one on one private coaching free discovery call. Let’s make 2021 the best it can be!

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Episode 56: Is It Time For An Energy Time Out? Tips To Help

1st!  Thank you for everyone that was supportive for our book launch- Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner. We released Vol. 4 11/11 and rcvd #1 Intl Bestseller and #1 Bestseller in 10 categories including business.  Thank you!

#2! Thank you to Amy Copadis from Close!  Check out their website and listen to the scoop re: the shout out.

This week I chat about energy, being stuck and how to manage through it because it happens to everyone.

Using the Bucket Tool will help take the pressure off!

Thank you for listening!  Please share in order to help someone else.

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Episode 55: How To Use Mentalism For Sales w/ Jonathan Pritchard

Expert mentalist, author, coach and speaker, Jonathan Pritchard, shares his over 30 years of real life experience (15+years business) in applied psychology so you can improve your life.

Jonathan dives in and shares what being a mentalist is and the correlation with how people make decisions.  Understanding this concept along with practice, time and experience can really help increase your business.

We also speak about:

-What is a mentalist?

-What are the basic principles of mind reading and magic?

-His experience on America’s Got Talent

-Practice, focus, time, and experience

-His example of how he broke through and get attention.  What can you do?

-The physics of martial arts and why that’s important

– What’s a successful performer?

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And his book on Amazon: Think Like A Mind Reader

Episode 54: Brilliant Breakthroughs Insights w/ Ryan Van Fleet

t’s finally here!  Wed. November 11th- is the release of the 4th Annual International Bestselling book series- Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner.

My husband Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I co-wrote a chapter on confidence and in this podcast we share some highlights and memories.  Our chapter is called- Building Confidence Along With A Successful Business From The Ground Up.

We are co-authors along with eight other authors and it’s been an incredible experience.

You can purchase the book on Amazon starting 11/11/20.

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 53: Values, Crushing Sales Tips w/ Maggie Mongan

Maggie Mongan is a Master Business Coach, Strategist, Trainer, Best Selling Author, Speaker and more….AND she is the Founder and Guru behind the 4th Annual International Best Selling Book Series that my husband, Ryan Van Fleet, are co-authors….

Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner

(Releases 11/11/20)

What an honor to have her on this podcast!  We had a fun discussion that will hopefully bring you lots of great ideas, tips and tools!  Let alone at the end we chat authors/book, and success.

Connect with Maggie at: and download the Free App Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner.

Episode 51: Embracing A Human Approach/ Dr. Shalini Nag

“Conversations are at the core of human interaction, learning, and evolution.  Just as people are at the heart of a business, so conversation is the life-blood driving business success.”- Shalini Nag, Ph.D.

Honored to have Dr. Shalini Nag on the Crush It In Sales podcast this week!

Shalini is a fellow co-author in the Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner book series that releases 11/11.  Her chapter title is, Embrace The Human Approach To Boost Your Business.  

I related to Shalini’s chapter b/c I was in the corporate world for 16yrs and then have worked with other companies as a sales rep since…and unfortunately a command culture still exists.

How you treat your team is of the utmost importance!

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Thank you for listening!

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Course: Conversations for Business SuccessTM