The Wake-Up Call Podcast

I discovered podcasting in early 2018 and joined his community, Podcasters Paradise, (for two years). Soaking up every bit of podcasting knowledge I could…and then teaching my husband Ryan.

Ryan first looked at me like, “What am I going to do?”

In August of 2018, we launched the extremely successful weekly Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast which my husband Captain Ryan Van Fleet hosts.

In April 2019, I launched The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast and then in October 2019, Crush It In Sales. Both podcasts still live on Apple, Spotify and my YouTube Channel.

In December 2022, The Good Karma Success Coach took a break for You Have The Power Too! which then became The Success Codes.

Well…after my own wake-up call around my birthday 4/7, The Good Karma Success Coach is now back but it’s… 

The Wake-Up Call Podcast.

It’s been a journey… 

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I WAS CATFISHED! AI, Relationships, Social Media, and More—Ep 5

Are you someone who is working hard at creating relationships online? Hoping to get more visibility, so you can grow your business? Maybe you are in various networking groups (like BNI or Provisors) and really put in time and effort to creating relationships and help others? In that, have you had a moment where you wonder if the person is

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The Wake-Up Call Podcast Intro- Ep 1

Have you ever had that nudge that something wasn’t right? Truth be told, that feeling, or voice may be trying to help you out of a horrible situation such as a toxic relationship, passive aggressive work environment, FOMO manipulative marketing tactics, or even a cult. We are also going to be covering stories about AI, The Matrix, and other stories

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Ep 81: How to Crush the Current Business Trends w. Capt Ryan Van Fleet

Dive deep into the sea of change with our latest joint podcast (puns intended), where we explore the dynamic intersection of business trends in sportfishing and personal development. Whether you’re into fishing or not, this podcast has a lot of great conversation packed with insights and strategies to keep you moving forward, no matter the currents. Link for LinkedIn post

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