The Success Codes Podcast

Well…let me back up.

I discovered podcasting in early 2018 when I read Gary V’s book Crushing It and first learned about John Lee Dumas (JLD) of Entrepreneurs on Fire.

I took JLD’s podcasting course,  and joined his community, Podcasters Paradise, (for two years). Soaking up every bit of podcasting knowledge I could…and then teaching my husband Ryan.

Ryan first looked at me like, “What am I going to do?”

In August of 2018, we launched the extremely successful weekly Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast which my husband Captain Ryan Van Fleet hosts.

In April 2019, I launched The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast and then in October 2019, Crush It In Sales. Both podcasts still live on Apple, Spotify and my YouTube Channel.

But now—it’s 

The Success Codes Podcast.

It’s been a journey… 

Enjoy the ride!

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Ep 53: Getting to Mastery w/ Ryan Van Fleet- Business, Life & Fishing too!

Welcome to November! Capt. Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching and I share a lot of tips around getting to mastery. Business, life and fishing. Most folks give up and quit. Don’t be one of those people! Thank you for listening and sharing. Connect with Ryan Van Fleet on: www.goodkarmasportfishing.com Melinda Van Fleet helps busy leaders and

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Ep 52: Showing Up & Entrepreneurial Success w/ Samantha Murphy

This weeks The Success Codes Podcast has a very special guest, Samantha Murphy, owner of 305 Hive which is an online marketing and newsletter company in Miami.  In this episode we talk about sales, showing up, relationships, networking advice, business cards (digital or old school?) and many other entrepreneurial tips. More about Samantha Murphy: Samantha Murphy is the dynamic owner

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Ep 51: Manifesting The “F” Out of 2024 and Beyond

How are you feeling about 2024? This epside of The Success Codes Podcast shares a different lens of how you should be “being” for your future goals and desires and making sure you are taking action. I share my thoughts and findings on success- from a holistic point of view. I also bounce back and forth between 3D Human Thoughts

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Ep 48: Undoing Your Boundaries- Why You Would Want To

Do you run your boundaries on autopilot? I dare say that now-a-days with all the social media brainwashing about setting boundaries, saying no, rejecting people and ideas, that you may be one of those people. If so, don’t feel bad this powerful podcast episode of The Success Codes Podcast dives into this topic. Thank you for listening and sharing! Connect

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Ep 47: Your Beliefs and Content Creation

What do you say to yourself when you are working on your business? especially in regards to content creation on the social media platforms? Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook or maybe you are a blogger or podcaster? Do you think you need to do more? This Success Codes Podcast episode dives into the belief system we all have and how

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