The Wake-Up Call Podcast

I discovered podcasting in early 2018 and joined his community, Podcasters Paradise, (for two years). Soaking up every bit of podcasting knowledge I could…and then teaching my husband Ryan.

Ryan first looked at me like, “What am I going to do?”

In August of 2018, we launched the extremely successful weekly Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast which my husband Captain Ryan Van Fleet hosts.

In April 2019, I launched The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast and then in October 2019, Crush It In Sales. Both podcasts still live on Apple, Spotify and my YouTube Channel.

In December 2022, The Good Karma Success Coach took a break for You Have The Power Too! which then became The Success Codes.

Well…after my own wake-up call around my birthday 4/7, The Good Karma Success Coach is now back but it’s… 

The Wake-Up Call Podcast.

It’s been a journey… 

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Ep 61: Own Your Gifts, Grow Your Business, Make Money w/ Psychic Business Coach Jennifer Donovan

Such a powerful episode this week with Psychic Business Coach— Jennifer Donovan. Jennifer is a highly sought after Psychic Business Coach. Through her unique blend of combining psychic channeling, energetic reprogramming, marketing and simple sales strategy, she helps female entrepreneurs amplify their intuition, become magnetizing AF and make tons of money in their business in the most fun, aligned and

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Ep 57: Energy Behind Thank You, Gratitude, Appreciation for Manifestation

Throughout my own journey of manifestation, I have discovered that one key ingredient is to express gratitude and appreciation. However, there is a trick to it—the energy of your voice. Gratitude has been shown to have incredible effects on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, so why not also use it as a tool for manifestation? This podcast also shares tips

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Ep 53: Getting to Mastery w/ Ryan Van Fleet- Business, Life & Fishing too!

Welcome to November! Capt. Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching and I share a lot of tips around getting to mastery. Business, life and fishing. Most folks give up and quit. Don’t be one of those people! Thank you for listening and sharing. Connect with Ryan Van Fleet on: www.goodkarmasportfishing.com Melinda Van Fleet helps busy leaders and

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