The Success Codes Podcast

Well…let me back up.

I discovered podcasting in early 2018 when I read Gary V’s book Crushing It and first learned about John Lee Dumas (JLD) of Entrepreneurs on Fire.

I took JLD’s podcasting course,  and joined his community, Podcasters Paradise, (for two years). Soaking up every bit of podcasting knowledge I could…and then teaching my husband Ryan.

Ryan first looked at me like, “What am I going to do?”

In August of 2018, we launched the extremely successful weekly Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast which my husband Captain Ryan Van Fleet hosts.

In April 2019, I launched The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast and then in October 2019, Crush It In Sales. Both podcasts still live on Apple, Spotify and my YouTube Channel.

But now—it’s 

The Success Codes Podcast.

It’s been a journey… 

Enjoy the ride!

All Podcast Episodes

Ep 40: WARNING! w/ Ryan Van Fleet

We are over filtering what we say…. So, this is a bit unhinged- ear muffs if you are sensitive. We started out by talking about Johnny Football (Johnny Manziel) on Netflix and that conversation leads into how people are behaving… It’s not about being right or wrong but getting it all out in the open. Sure there are consequences to

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Ep 38: Ascension and Change

Yes! I changed the name of my podcast from You Have The Power Too! podcast to The Success Codes Podcast. This powerful, to the point, no-fluff podcast episode explains why change is good and why you should be looking at your life & business, along with who you follow, to see where you can change.  Thank you for being here! 

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Ep 37: MONEY! Part 2- What We Say

In this episode, I dive in and share two examples of “how we speak” to ourselves and others that may be creating money blocks. These are things that are patterns and can be busted. You can learn to catch them on your own, with a friend or family member or with a coach/mentor.

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Ep 36: MONEY! Part 1

Money, money, money!!! People LOVE to read, listen and learn about money. BUT! There are so many aspects to getting your energy in check around money. I have a ton of experience in this. So! I decided to share. This is a Part 1 of a series. In this episode I share major codes and shifts around why you are

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Ep 35: Seeing Your Gifts- Best Life Changing Advice

More like a riff for this weekly podcast episode! Learning to be yourself is a huge part of our evolution and growth. This is the best life changing advice. Having an intuitive mentor/coach to help you along the way to has been instrumental. However, I have learned, not everyone is like me and up for this next level hyper speed

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Ep 34: Comfort is The Devil

This episode is fierce! ear muffs on this one please… Hopefully lights a fire under anyone’s butt who is sitting in comfort, but is saying they wish to make more money in their business. It is an epidemic. And! and energy that can keep you stuck. Getting motivated to get out of this pattern is crucial! Comfort is The Devil.

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Ep 33: Trusting The Universe w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Monthly joint podcast with my husband Capt. Ryan Van Fleet of https//www.goodkarmasportfishing.com. We talk about the power of trust and share several relatable examples so you can build awareness and stop various patterns of frustration, anger, lack and more. Knowing that everything works out in your favor, will led to more manifestations and The Law of Attraction. Who knows what

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Ep 32: The Secret to Everything

Believe, Take Action! Then Trust. When it comes to manifesting your desires, trusting the Universe and allowing yourself to surrender are two of the most important components. Trusting in The Universe allows us to let go of our goals, knowing that we will be taken care of in whatever way is best for our highest good. It also helps to

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