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Ep 35: Seeing Your Gifts- Best Life Changing Advice

More like a riff for this weekly podcast episode! Learning to be yourself is a huge part of our evolution and growth. This is the best life changing advice. Having an intuitive mentor/coach to help you along the way to has been instrumental. However, I have learned, not everyone is

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Ep 13: The Power to Be Happy and People Pleasing

Happiness, people pleasing and even gratitude/appreciation are topics in this fast moving and powerful You Have The Power Too! podcast episode. I share my freelance writing journey that is relatable on many levels. I hope you find a way to embody these shares and it helps you transform! You will

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Ep 5: The Power to Put Yourself First

I have been wanting to share this for quite some time. We all have the tendency to put others first, but you have the power to change that! This podcast episode shares some examples of where I shifted my mindset to do things for me first and how much better

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