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Ep 34: Comfort is The Devil

This episode is fierce! ear muffs on this one please… Hopefully lights a fire under anyone’s butt who is sitting in comfort, but is saying they wish to make more money in their business. It is an epidemic. And! and energy that can keep you stuck. Getting motivated to get

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Ep 32: The Secret to Everything

Believe, Take Action! Then Trust. When it comes to manifesting your desires, trusting the Universe and allowing yourself to surrender are two of the most important components. Trusting in The Universe allows us to let go of our goals, knowing that we will be taken care of in whatever way

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Ep 16: The Power to Go “All In”

Huge topic online and in the coaching space- being ALL IN! in your life and business. But, it’s generally discussed as masculine energy- posting consistently, showing up, sharing, getting visibility, and selling every day. Taking action every day in your business. I agree with all of that— BUT you also

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