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When Pigs Fly

Do you ever say “When Pigs Fly?” What Does it Mean? I took this picture of a hot pink flying pig statue months ago. This garden statue (photo) is in the yard of my aerial yoga instructor’s house, Glenda. I took the picture because I love hot pink and it

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Ep 27: Conscious Awareness and Intuition

Most people don’t understand what consciousness (or conscious awareness) is and further, many are using the terminology and are not embodying it. I wish to continue to shed light on these social media trends so people can really learn, infuse, and transform! This podcast also shares an enlightening story that

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Ep 23: Ahai 7D Energy w/ Ryan Van Fleet P1

Thank you so much for listening and sharing this episode with my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing. We kick off by Ryan sharing and open (and eye-opening for me) testimonial/review of his Ahai 7D Energy Sessions. Ahai 7D Energy has helped him with clarity and letting go.

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