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Ep 216: Grace Under Fire w/ Luly B

What a super fun and enlightening conversation with Luly B! I am honored to be a speaker on one of the panels at this year’s Spark Women’s Conference- Grace Under Fire. The 6th Annual Spark Women’s Event is Tuesday Oct. 25th, 2022. Click here to purchase your ticket(s): https://www.lulyb.com/ Feel

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Ep 210- Gratitude and The Epidemic

This podcast topic, gratitude, has been nagging at my intuition for a few months…so here we go! I also share a new practice I am doing on my daily walks. A surprise message from my team came through at the end that was in conjunction w/ my heart clearing from

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Ep 181: How To Be Successful on Social Media and Feel Good

Do you feel overwhelmed or like you are not making an impact on social media? You are on a hamster wheel of content creation or maybe you have fear about getting started and you keep procrastinating? Neither are helpful towards building your business, leveling up your business or in general

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