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Ep 44: Masculine and Feminine Energy P2- The How

Part 2 of a series of podcasts and YouTube videos on Masculine and Feminine Energy. Being single AND A Couple And some fun tidbits in between. The weeks message is about “The How.” Make sure and listen to last weeks The Success Codes Podcast Ep 43 where I talk about

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Ep 31: Owning Your Power

New Moon in Gemini— Set your intentions for the balance of the year! Doing the work and making the moves is what will get you to next level success. However, many people sit in their fear, discomfort, pain and don’t take the action needed to regulate their emotional state and

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Ep 21: Human Design and Perfection

Who decided we all need to be so perfect? And what is perfection anyhow? In this You Have The Power Too! podcast episode I share a personal story about when I started podcasting back in 2019 and a conversation I recently had. In conjunction how it fits into Human Design

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