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Ep 44: Masculine and Feminine Energy P2- The How

Part 2 of a series of podcasts and YouTube videos on Masculine and Feminine Energy. Being single AND A Couple And some fun tidbits in between. The weeks message is about “The How.” Make sure and listen to last weeks The Success Codes Podcast Ep 43 where I talk about

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Ep 43: Masculine Feminine Energy and Being Single P1

Big topic that lays heavy on my heart… Masculine and Feminine Energy and being single. “What’s wrong with me?” “Why can’t I find someone?” “Do I need to change and be the girl next door?” These are some of the questions I have asked myself when I was single and

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Ep 16: The Power to Go “All In”

Huge topic online and in the coaching space- being ALL IN! in your life and business. But, it’s generally discussed as masculine energy- posting consistently, showing up, sharing, getting visibility, and selling every day. Taking action every day in your business. I agree with all of that— BUT you also

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