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Ep 41: Redefining Success

How do you define success? Money? Freedom? Both common cliche answers… In this powerful episode, I dive into the topic of success that is the crux of everything in this lifetime! I also share two stories from this week about anxiety and how I dealt with it and the outcomes.

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Ep 22: Bonus- Ahai 7D Energy Session Explained

Bonus Epsiode- off the cuff! It came to me that I have recorded podcasts about Ahai 7D Energy (9, 11, and 17) but I have not described what action you need to take along with a little more detail… So this podcast shares a bit more for anyone curious and/or

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Ep 19: Content Consumption and Intuition w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Thank you for joining my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing and I on our monthly podcast! Imagine a world where you can trust yourself and your gut feeling without the constant interruption of digital noise. It’s not some distant utopia, but rather a reality that begins with

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