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4 Next Level Communication Tips

When it comes to business leadership, communication is key. Awareness of how you communicate with your team, and people in general, sets the tone for your business relationships and can be the difference between success and failure. Entrepreneurs who are conscious of their communication style and how it affects those

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Ep 27: Conscious Awareness and Intuition

Most people don’t understand what consciousness (or conscious awareness) is and further, many are using the terminology and are not embodying it. I wish to continue to shed light on these social media trends so people can really learn, infuse, and transform! This podcast also shares an enlightening story that

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Ep 182: How To Feel and Send More Peace and Love

Important episode about how to feel and send more peace and love is perfect considering what’s going on out there… I share a passage from an incredible book I mentioned in episode 180. A Mindful Morning by David Dillard-Wright PhD Thank you for listening and sharing to help someone else!

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