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Ep 220: Focus!!! w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Monthly joint podcast with Capt. Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing. We share some thoughts on focus and perspective- two crucial aspects of achieving success in your life and business. Getting clear on what your thoughts are and your mindset are part of conscious awareness and help you make decisions.

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Ep 210- Gratitude and The Epidemic

This podcast topic, gratitude, has been nagging at my intuition for a few months…so here we go! I also share a new practice I am doing on my daily walks. A surprise message from my team came through at the end that was in conjunction w/ my heart clearing from

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Ep 209: Mermaid Kristi Ann and Confidence

“We were made to stand out.” —Mermaid Kristi Ann Do you know a real-life mermaid? Meet Mermaid Kristi Ann! We have known each other for a long time and I have watched her grow her business. Being a mermaid, and creating a business around that, takes a not only a

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