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Ep 11: The Power of Ahai 7D Energy

So excited to record this episode! And it’s Episode 11- Perfect magical angel number! This You Have The Power Too! episode shares more about Ahai 7D energy, some testimonials and a personal story of mine from 2020. My healing journey. Ep 9: What is Ahai 7D? Here are the testimonials

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Ep 201: Goal Setting and Surrendering w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Do you have goals, take action and then surrender? At least a little bit? Monthly podcast w/ my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing. https://goodkarmasportfishing.com/ The podcast I mention that is a Part 1 is Crush It In Sales Episode 142 which is about goal setting: https://melindavanfleet.com/ep-142-are-you-checking-in-on-your-goals/ Article

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