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Ep 32: The Secret to Everything

Believe, Take Action! Then Trust. When it comes to manifesting your desires, trusting the Universe and allowing yourself to surrender are two of the most important components. Trusting in The Universe allows us to let go of our goals, knowing that we will be taken care of in whatever way

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How To Build Confidence Along With A Successful Business

I will never forget the day I looked at my husband Ryan and said, “You’re getting your captain’s license.  You need to work for yourself.” He stared at me. Probably scared sh$tless as we had no experience, business training, or money to start what is now Good Karma Sportfishing. I

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Ep 29: Stopping the Limiting Narratives P1

What narratives do you commonly hear on social media or in your conversations with others that you know either intuitively or through your experience are not accurate or the best advice? You can tune in and feel energetically what feels aligned and what does not. Making a decision from that

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Ep 20: Manifestation Tip- The Power to Shift

When it comes to manifestation and creating the life of your dreams, it is important to ask yourself: “Where am I still questioning myself?” You may be limiting yourself from achieving success because you are holding on to negative thoughts or limiting beliefs. By reframing these thoughts and asking yourself

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