Team Strategic
Work Session

Melinda works with you and your team to customize a strategic work session that best helps your business needs.


Program Option:

The MindEss Method: Four Steps To Creating a
Success Mindset in All Areas Of Your Life

The attitude your audience brings into each day not only affects how they perform… it’s affected by how they approach their entire lives. It’s cyclical in nature – and to break the cycle, four essential steps are required:

  • Understanding what their mindset is as they approach different aspects of their lives – Melinda will help them figure this out for themselves on a regular basis so they’re always aware (and as you know, awareness is the first step to change).
  • Knowing HOW to change and grow so they can be happier and more successful in every aspect of their lives (including work!)
  • Having the tools to make the change is the difference between success and forgetting everything the minute they walk out the door. Melinda will give them usable, practical tools they can take away with them.
  • Creating the habit in their daily lives. This will allow them to continue the practice well after the presentation is over – effecting real change now AND in the long-term.

Melinda made a subject completely unknown to me seem totally relatable and easily understood. Melinda and her guests easily captured the audiences attention by speaking openly about personal experiences, as if having a conversation with a good friend. Enjoyed the insight, information and enlightenment.

~Sue Wright- owner- Boo Kee Sue Botanics