Ways We Can Work Together
—Helping my clients with what they don't see—

Have you ever asked yourself if you are living up to your fullest potential?


—Blocks you are not aware of
—Lack of strategy and ideas
—Not having a plan and taking action—consistently
—Energy from outside factors and people
—Not using your intuition

You can “up” your game, and I can help you!


Ready to Explore Some Options?

My Creed and Promise to You:

I am a high-performance coach/mentor, with a big heart, who runs fast, and has fun.

I openly share everything I know, so you can run fast too!

I believe in getting it done, but also enjoying life!

I walk this walk daily and help my clients do the same.

Review the below options and see what best fits your goals and dreams.

PS- Dream big!

These are private and confidential 1:1 one hour laser sessions.  

Click here to schedule

There is nothing like consistent coaching and mentoring to catapult you to the next level in your life & business. We all have patterns and blocks we can’t see. 

Three-month, six months, or 12-month investment.

Zoom or phone calls are weekly and in between support is available via email or Voxer.  


What’s the one thing I have found to be consistent as a business consultant?

Can you guess?

I believe in the entrepreneur and…they needed that the most.

Layer in experience across many channels, ideas, sales tips/tools, and strategy and you have a winning combination.

No matter what stage you are in:

  • Idea to conception
  • New to growing
  • Established and looking to expand or are stuck


I can work up a package that suites your goals.

Ryan Van Fleet, Good Karma Sportfishing and Coaching, is also available for private 1:1 mentoring/coaching as well as business consulting.

He will work up a package based on what you are looking to achieve. He also offers 1:1 laser sessions and longer term investments.

In regards to sportfishing, he offers:

  • Monthly private fishing community which meets twice a month on Zoom and is recorded.
  • Online courses
  • Private 1:1 coaching/mentoring for recreational anglers
  • Private 1:1 Coaching Mentoring for charter captains.

I Wish I Had a Mentor Like Me...

Yes, that is a bold statement, but it’s true.

I have bought and sat through too many FB Lives, Online Courses, Group Coaching Q & A’s, etc. and the results I have gotten when I have paid for 1:1 coaching is unparallel.

In addition, coaching/mentoring moves you forward—therapy keeps pulling you back. I have worked with many clients who have done both, I have had therapy sessions, and I have spoken with enough people to know this to be true. 

The one common denominator that seems to keep people in the therapy loop, is that therapists LISTEN and hold space.

An incredible coach/mentor does the same too, but also gets you to the next level faster.

Additional Energetic Help

There may be people who read this that never have these experiences, they are very lucky. I have theories on that. 

But for those of you who have mental health concerns such as anxiety, anger, sadness, etc., you cannot explain or remove…

You may wish to would have a completely private and confidential conversation and 

see if deep energy work and clearing is something you are interested in.

I can educate you about this, as well as help you feel better.

I would recommend reading Napoleon Hills “Outwitting the Devil” for immediate assistance and awareness.

Contact me via the Contact page or email me to set up a brief conversation to see if this is a good fit

for what you are experiencing.